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Our History

Where We Came From

Founded on September 26, 1966

Middleton Road Baptist Church realized its beginning

as a result of a vision for a mission in this area by the people of Flat Rock Baptist Church, and their pastor Reverend Harold T. Rochester.

At the conclusion of a two-week "brush arbor" revival which began on August 30, 1965 on the property of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Price, a mission was established on Middleton Road. Worship services were continued in a temporary structure erected by the men of the mission and Flat Rock Baptist Church. The structure consisted of poles, a tin roof, and sides made of builder's boards. Sunday School classes were held in the nearby home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hanvey. On October 24, 1965, Flat Rock Church voted to purchase from Mr. John Wilson, five (5) acres of land near the revival site on which to erect a permanent building for the mission. Members of the mission, the mother church, and friends gave gifts of money and donated trees to be saved into lumber. 

On December 26, 1965, "ground breaking" ceremonies were held for the first building on February 20, 1966. The first worship service was held in the partially completed building on February 20, 1966.

Reverend Charles W. Moseley served as mission pastor until January 14, 1966 at which time he was called as full-time pastor. On September 26, 1966, just a little over a year from the first meeting in a brush arbor, Middleton Road Baptist Church was constituted into a full-fledged Southern Baptist Church with eighty four (84) chapter members. Reverend Moseley served as pastor until his resignation effective December 31, 1972. It was during that period of time that the church built a second masonry block building to be used for fellowship and educational purposes.

Since 2018, Reverend Barry Davis has served Middleton Road Baptist Church as both interim pastor and lead pastor. With over forty years in ministry, he has served as a revivalist, a short-term missionary, and a leader in various ministry positions. Revival Action Ministries International, a ministry Reverend Davis started twenty-eight years ago, reaches out to bush pastors in Zimbabwe, Africa, training them in sound Biblical doctrine. Though international missions are dear to Barry’s heart, he also desires to see the local church grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a result, he considers it an honor and a privilege to shepherd God’s people here at Middleton Road Baptist Church.

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